Hack4Growth Season 2 Champion of Glocal Innovation
Start local Rise regional Grow global

Under the patronage of State Committee For Overseas Vietnamese,
Ministry of Foreign Affairs




COVID-19 pandemic has led to a lot of drawbacks in the world’s economy and left a prolonged impact on local and regional businesses. Within that context, Hack4Growth season 2 is launched with the aim of finding innovators with brilliant ideas and projects as well as practical solutions to local challenges, which can be scaled at regional and international level.




#1. Start local

Consolidate the challenges from most provinces in Vietnam


#2. Rise regional

Host the contest in various innovative regions in Vietnam


#3. Grow global

Mentoring and training programs backed by a network of more than 10,000 experts from over 20 countries


Community power

We create a platform for the community to get matched with potential team members, engage with the contest and also to vote for their favorite projects.

Top – notch platform

The whole program is going to be conducted on the exclusive platform developed by AVSE Global to engage all partners and stakeholders including participants, investors and partners.

Mentor is a main player

We engage mentors in the contest as real team members instead of side roles to participating teams.

Networking opportunities

Top 20 teams will have a chance to have dinner with influencers in different industries.

Local challanges, global solutions

The competition aims to utilize collective strengths of mentors, mentees and investors to elevate solutions in response to practical challenges in Vietnam.


Eligibility & Registration Methods


Participants must be at least 18 years old, each team must have at least one member of Vietnamese origin or Vietnamese nationality

All team members must not be prosecuted for criminal liability at the time of participating

All team members must participate in every competition round as specified by the Organizers in the item 5

The participant is allowed to join 1 group only

Registration Methods

Participants can register as a group of 3-5 members

Should participants have not been in any team yet or have an insufficient number of members, they can find and group with other contestants using the V-Space platform supported by the Organizers.


Networking dinner with top 15 CEOs and thought leaders

Premium account to innovation platform of 1K+ users over 20 countries

World - class training and mentoring

Attractive prizes with total amount at 30,000 USD+

Other attractive extra prizes



1/3 - 15/4

Kick off
  • Kick-off on social media
  • Recruit partners and sponsors
  • Announce challenges from provinces and sponsors

16/4 - 31/5

  • Run simultaneous regional chapters in Vietnam, the U.S., Australia, Japan, and Europe
  • Participants submit ideas and find team members on the website www.hack4growth.org using global innovation platform by AVSE Global

1/6 - 31/10

Training & Mentoring
  • Top 20 are shortlisted globally for mentoring
  • Matching with mentors & mentoring
  • Top 10 are shortlisted for intensive training round

1/11 - 31/12

Finale & Award
  • Teams submit business plan
  • Pitching & Award ceremony (online or offline)
  • Support and matching with partners, post-competition media outreach​


AVSE (Association of Vietnamese Scientists and Experts) Global is a Paris-headquartered organization of Vietnamese scientists and experts with a global reach, pioneering in strategic advisory, top executive education programs, and science and policy forums, bringing innovative solutions for the sustainable development of Vietnam, through connecting collective intellectual strengths of Vietnamese talented experts and intellectuals worldwide with strong aspirations to contribute to the country’s progress. Our network engages 2,000 experts and 10,000 collaborators across 20 countries.​




Strategic project members


Training programs


Core members

Visit www.avseglobal.org to learn more about us



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