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Global recession

/Global growth as low as 2% costing 1 trillion USD (World Economic Forum)

Stagnant economy

/China and the USA report almost 0% growth in 2020

Environmental crisis

/Amazon forest is likely to vanish in the next 50 years

While the coronavirus pandemic is taking it’s severe toll on almost every aspect of the economy, it is critical to initiate a program to mobilize resources, inspire people and facilitate mass scale recovery and boost to the economy. AVSE Global want to partner with like-minded players to be at the helm of such initiative – an inovation fast track to inspire and nurture a new generation of game changers and innovations.

We welcome all initiative ideas and solutions across all industries addressing challenges to the economy including but not limited to:

  • Salinity intrusion to Mekong Delta
  • Climate change and green house gas emission
  • Supply chain crisis
  • Tourism recession
  • Other industries