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Thanh Trung Do

  May 12, 2020

Thanh Trung Do studied electrical engineering at the Technical University of Berlin and graduated in 2006 with a degree in electrical engineering and high-voltage engineering. From 2007 he was a Research Associate, Deputy Chief Engineer, and lecturer at the Helmut Schmidt University and the Technical University Hamburg-Harburg. In 2014, he successfully completed his doctorate in the field of ‘Grid Integration of Renewable Energies’.
In 2015, his doctoral thesis was awarded the HSU Science Prize. The results of his doctoral thesis were used scientifically and economically in many follow-up projects such as network impedance measurement 110 kV, network harmony, and NEW 4.0. He participated in all projects in both the application and successful implementation. Since 2017, he succeeds Prof. Ackermann as Deputy Head of the Institute for Electrical Energy Systems and Automation. His research focuses on the optimal connection of renewable generation plants to the grid.

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