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Sandy Dang

  April 14, 2021

Sandy Dang has more than twenty-five years of experience in creating, launching, leading, and managing government and private organizations and initiatives that educate students and foster workforce development. She is an expert consultant in education and human development – participating in a global overseas Vietnamese organization to provide recommendations to the Ministry of Education and Training in Vietnam; a senior representative and liaison between U.S. government agencies and Vietnam government ministries, universities, research institutions, and nonprofit organizations. Before working at CoInnovate Consulting, Washington as a Co-Founder & Principal, Ms. Sandy Dang was Global Business Advisor of Topica, Executive Director of Vietnam Education Foundation, Co-Founder & Principal of 11plus Philanthropy, Consultant at Casey Family Programs, Founder and Executive Director of Asian American LEAD, etc. She is an expert consultant in philanthropic strategies from fund-raising to informed distribution, finance, administration, technology, and human capital management in compliance with Federal regulations and initiatives.

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