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  April 8, 2021

  • Coping and adaptation measures for salinization
  • Coping strategies for landslides and flash floods in mountainous regions
  • Solutions for improving water quality and protecting water resources in rural areas, border areas, and islands (water purifiers, drought response, etc) used for household purposes and small and medium-sized agricultural services.
  • Large-scale renewables (wind power, solar power on the ocean, etc)
  • Small-scale renewables for small villages in rural areas and extreme weather
  • Multi-purpose buildings in response to climate change challenges
  • Coal waste management practices
  • Waste and wastewater collection and treatment
  • Development of open-access digital map for surveying irrigation and water supply
  • Environmental remediation for agricultural production and processing (preliminary processing and processing of coffee, tapioca, vermicelli, sugarcane) at the household level
  • Energy-saving and labour safety of mining zones in the Northwest
  • Biodiversity and natural resource monitoring and conservation in Phong Nha – Ke Bang for reducing the impact of natural disasters and extreme weather

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